White Officers in the United States
Colored Troops

Click on the names below to read the letters from
commissioned officers who served in the
United States Colored Troops during the Civil War.



[Photo credit: Officers 4th U.S. Colored Infantry, Fort Slocum, April 1865, Library of Congress.]


Capt. Orlando P. Brockway, 5th USCI 


Col. Delavan Bates, 30th USCI


Capt. Charles P. Bowditch, 55th Mass & 5th Mass Cav


Lieut. Jacob Bruner, 9th LA Inf., AD (5th USCHA)


Lieut. Benjamin F. Burnham, 84th USCI


Sgt. Lewis P. Cleaveland, 55th USCI



Capt. George B. Cock, 5th USCI


Capt. George J. Drew, 18th USCI


 Capt. Ellery C. Ford, 5th USCI


Lieut. Nicholas A. Gray, 27th USCI


Lieut. Charles W. Griffith, 5th USCI


Lieut. Levi G. Heck, 127th USCI


Capt. Frank Holsinger, 19th USCI


Lieut. Enoch F. Jackman, 6th USCI 


Lieut. Adam (Addy) Turney Kreps, 67th and 92nd USCI

Lieut. Robert F. Johnston, 5th USCI 


Lieut. George Mahaffey, 25th USCI


Capt. George J. Martin, 1st Reg Kansas Colored Vol Inf (79th USCI)


Capt. Daniel Mason, 19th USCI


Jeremiah M. Mickley, Chaplain 43rd USCI


Capt. Thomas Montgomery, 67th USCI


Capt. Abner D. Olds, 59th USCI


Capt. Cyrus O. Palmer, 12th USCHA


Lieut. Levi Patchin, 15th USCI



Seth Rogers, Surgeon, 33rd USCI


Capt. Henry Romyen, 14th USCI


Chaplain James W. Russell, 13th USCI


Lieut. Archibald J. Sampson, 27th USCI 


Capt. Henry Simmons, 55th USCI 


Thomas Smith, Chaplain 3rd Reg. Miss. Vols of A.D. (53rd USCI)


Lieut. David LeRoy Way, 5th USCI